This morning woke us up bright and early for our Halibut fishing charter. Granted we took the 9am charter so that we could get an extra hour or two of sleep. :-) It’s not the wussy move, it’s the “we are smarter than we look” move.

A cold day on the water, the first spot we tried yielded not much at all. The second made every part of my body hurt. After pulling up 8 fish, I was D O N E done. The three of us limited out (2 per person) and should have some good eating soon.

After the charter we were ~25lbs heavier on fish (wives, it should be shipped home early next week. Please don’t eat it all before we get back) ;-)

A quick trip from Homer to Anchorage allowed us to check out some glaciers (there are apparently more/bigger ones on our next leg) and get some more scenery overload. When I say overload I mean…seriously, is there an ugly spot in this state??!

We made it to Anchorage in time for the Alaska Wing of the CAF meeting (Doug gave a little talk on the current goings on of the CAF and the current state of aviation) And had dinner at the nationally known pilot hang out – “F St Station” Best deep fried halibut EVER. Wow.

Since we are all beat from our day on the water (it really does drain ALL your energy) we are calling it an early night. But don’t you worry, there is plenty more to do here!

FYI, it is Midnight, and the sun JUST set. This place really messes with you! :-)