“So”, you say, “how could an awesome trip to the great white north get any better”??

Well, when you are taking pictures and video of the beautiful countryside in Alberta Canada when your 5D Mark II says “nope, I’m done”. Really 5D… REALLY??!!!! (1 hr of troubleshooting later, still no joy – graveyard dead) not to mention we didn’t have radio/radar contact with anyone through half that leg…(another story)

Luckily I had 2 awesome guys in the airplane that said to me, we’ll heck, this is an adventure, lets just stop in Edmonton and find a camera shop. They were certainly right about an adventure. We get off the plane at Edmonton Downtown airport (it’s going to be torn down in about 6 months to make way for a shopping mall) and the random only line guy on duty is a photographer. What are the odds? He helps us find a store that carries a camera I can use as a replacement, lends us the most awesome beater of a 1970s car to go retrieve it, and off Mark and I go. (Doug had to stay back to gas the airplane and was the windshield :-) thanks for the clean view Doug!)

So Mark and I set off for “London Drug” – yes I had my doubts – and we walk into the BEST store ever. A simple drug store, with a high end camera store in the middle. I was blown away. Camera HEAVEN – seriously…the heavenly music was playing. Got what we needed, amazing people helping us, and these people know what nice is.

Back to the airport, hop in the Barron, 55min to Whitecourt…and tada, the first day is over. Wow.

Now it’s time for bed. More from the crew tomorrow, but we hope to make AK tomorrow!

We will keep you posted. (Hopefully I can get one of the boys to post soon)