So I had written earlier (when my camera gave up the ghost) that we were in the middle of Canada with no one to talk to. Let me elaborate on that for a min…

Being a pilot in the US you almost always have someone to talk to. If you get lonely, reach out and talk to someone, anyone. The occasional “still there” to ATC even counts. Try that in the outer reaches of Canada, and nothing. Static. You know when you are told “478SC – radar service terminated – contact Edmonton center on 134 decimal 2 in about 40 min” life is about to get a little more lonely.

Luckily this Barron isn’t being soloed. :-) so plenty of fun banter between the occupants of this ride. I guess it’s back to talking about the pure genius of an autopilot designed 50 years ago still in use today or maybe even just teaching Doug some new iPad shortcuts. :-)

Till next time,